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Full Service Vending New York City

Vending Machines New York CItyAt The Answer Group, "Recycle, Reduce, Reuse" is more than a catchy slogan, it's a way of operation. From the services we provide, to the products we deliver, The Answer Group works hard to help you meet your organization's energy and environmental impact goals.

Here are some of the tools we use to ensure that our machines save you money while saving energy:

  • Energy Star Machines – These machines are 50% more resourceful than standard equipment, using more efficient compressors, fan motors and lighting systems. Combined with its low power mode for times of low activity, Energy Star machines save an average of $150 a year in utility bills.

  • HFC-free compressor technology that eliminates harmful hydroflourocarbons, helping protect the environment without sacrificing product freshness.

  • Smart EnergyMiser® energy controls can be installed in existing beverage and snack machine banks to reduce energy consumption, resulting in significant energy savings, and prolonging the life and reliability of your equipment.

  • LED lighting can replace existing fluorescent lighting in snack machines, consuming up to 40% less energy than standard fluorescent bulbs.

Long Island, New York Metro, Brooklyn, Bronx, Kings County, New York, Queens, Richmond, City of Glen Cove, City of Long Beach
In addition to our energy saving machines, we are able to optimize our routes by utilizing advanced technology such as Streamware, DEX and pre-kitting, which in turn reduces our carbon footprint. Trucks only go to machines that require service, reducing fuel usage and man time.

At The Answer Group, we're also focusing on delivering more environmentally friendly and socially responsible products. We've paired with two companies, Paradigm Group and The Emerald Brand to offer sustainable paper, disposable serving and cleaning products. These brands boast: