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Healthy Micro-Market

Micro-Markets New York City

Micro-Markets New York City Micro-Markets are a great way to promote healthy eating and an overall healthier lifestyle to your employees. In fact, one of the greatest benefits to placing a Micro-Market in your break room is the amount of FRESH and healthy food choices they allow you to offer.

With one of The Answer Group's Micro-Markets in your break room, your employees can have access to hundreds of snacking and meal options. And with customizable product selections you can determine what percentage of your market will be dedicated to healthy alternatives. May we suggest choosing from some of our most popular healthy options?

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Meeting Wellness Goals

With Micro-Markets, you are enabling your employees to make healthier eating decisions. Now employees have the ability to read nutritional labels before the point of purchase, allowing them to make informed decisions. And when paired with My Fitness Pal, a free online food tracker that The Answer Group has partnered with, employees can set dietary goals and keep track of their daily caloric intake. We know that it's possible to provide great products while addressing a healthy lifestyle.


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