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Micro-Markets New York City

Micro-Markets New York CIty

The Answer Group is excited to offer the latest and greatest from the vending industry…Micro-Markets. Now you can offer your employees their own convenience store in your place of business.

In an ongoing effort to meet the needs of all our customers, we offer three different micro-markets: Avanti Markets, 365 Retail Markets and our proprietary brand, Gourmet-to-Go-Markets - which offers the FRESHEST food made from local commissaries.

Long Island, New York Metro, Brooklyn, Bronx, Kings County, New York, Queens, Richmond, City of Glen Cove, City of Long Beach

Micro-markets allow your employees to touch and feel a product before purchase, which means no more stuck products, lost money and no more frustration. Perhaps even more importantly, your employees can now read nutrition labels, enabling them to make healthier snacking and meal choices, which with a large variety of fresh, healthy and diet specific (i.e. gluten-free, dairy free) products, is easy to do.

In addition to dramatically enhancing the options available to your employees, our micro-markets also dramatically transform the aesthetics of you break room. We create custom cabinetry and décor to match your desired style.

With each market installation, we provide modern, efficient coolers, attractive fixtures, a self check-out kiosk and a full security system. With 24/7 surveillance and a web-based inventory system, theft is little to no issue. In addition to helping us monitor the security system, the web-based management system gives us real time data on each market, making adding products and evaluating inventory quick and easy.

Call us at 1-800-310-9334 or email us at info@theanswergroupny.com to discuss how our micro-markets can transform your break room and enhance company morale. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to work with you to customize a market to fit your particular needs.